A firm commitment

Code of Ethics

At SIKNO, a company belonging to Grupo Industrial CL, we strive to be the leader in what we do, but for this we must also meet the objectives set out in our code of ethics:

  • Seek the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we work, always with a responsible and sustainable vision.
  •  Respect current legal regulations, complying with national and international laws and agreements.

About our Business Policy

RESPECT: Comply with all applicable legal dispositions.

COMMUNICATION: Open, fluid and transparent.

TRAINING: Continuously learning, training, informing and raising awareness in matters of quality.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Related to products, services, processes and working conditions.

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: Development and fulfillment of the concepts related to sustainable development.

We uphold a firm commitment with the quality of our product.

Therefore, our processes are optimized to carry out a production strategy which allows us to obtain the highest quality possible when we offer our products.

Proof is ISO 9001 ER-0249/2017-002/00 which certifies it. 

Let's work together!

They already know us and are committed to our close collaboration methodology.