Our differential values
define us

How corporate culture strengthens our company.

Our experience

Sikno marks the beginning of a new stage in jewellery design and production. After almost 40 years manufacturing exclusively for Cristian Lay, Sikno takes all that experience and jewellery tradition and combines it with an innovative and highly technological vision. The result is a brand with its own personality and a deep knowledge of the jewellery sector, which currently has the most advanced factory in Europe. All this while maintaining the spirit of its founder, Ricardo Leal, through the second generation of the family, who now holds the reins of Sikno.


We currently have a capacity of more than 2 million units per year, with a delivery time of 5 weeks, depending on the type of product.

Our production process allows us to adapt to customer needs, both in terms of quantities and delivery time.



Our hallmark of quality is agility in service, customer service and after-sales service, which involves production carried out entirely in Spain.

Our constant effort to innovate and to have the most cutting-edge technological equipment has enabled us to achieve greater cost competitiveness.


At Sikno, we are committed to acting responsibly and sustainably in all our operations. In this report, we present our sustainability performance for the period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.


Transformers, our essence is innovation as a generator of value.

Collaborative, we work as a team as part of our culture.

Committed to our work, to society, sustainability and quality.

Close, we understand your needs in order to help you.


Work with us, we are experts in B2B.

All of our partners have extensive experience in the sector, which contributes an added value
to the process of production. In addition, we generate a methodology of close collaboration based on mutual trust.

Let's work together!

They already know us and are committed to our close collaboration methodology.