We combine the latest technology and the experience of traditional jewellery making in our process



We work with the most innovative and leading technology in next generation software applied to the sector: Rhinoceros, Matrix, Rhinogold.Z-brush and render engines such as Vray and Keyshot.


We use state-of-the-art 3D prototyping equipment such as EnvisionTec, 3D System and Fomlabs. These machines allow the use of different types of materials according to needs, such as castable resins for cast iron and ceramic resins for the creation of vulcanizable molds.


We maintain the manual jewelery tradition applied to processes in which the expert hand of the jeweler craftsman is essential

Jewel development

Wax inyection





We have a new automated polishing and roughing line.

Manual polishing

n addition, we continue to use traditional hand polishing processes depending on the type of product or customer needs.

Láser Cut

We renew and improve the process acquiring equipments of last generation.



The personalized jewel is a clear trend on the market. For it, we have updated the manufacture of these products introducing technological improvements that allow us to make jewels piece to piece and with delivery times of maximum 72 hours.


Laser Welding

Together with the best partners in the sector, we develop specific equipment that allows us to offer more competitive and higher quality products.



El proceso galvánico que utilizamos en el recubrimiento de nuestras piezas nos permite adaptarnos a una amplia variedad de acabados de bajo y alto espesor en metales preciosos como oro, plata y rodio.

Asimismo, trabajamos con diferentes recubrimientos superficiales de lacados cataforéticos y pasivados.

Con todo ello, la calidad y el cumplimiento de la normativa europea e internacional queda garantizada.



For the production of our jewels, we have a wide variety of materials:

• Brass, bronze and low merger with different ended galvanic.
• Jewels in sterling silver with ended in silver and rhodium.
• Jewellery in gold of 18k mountings with diamonds, precious, semiprecious and synthetic stones.

quality control

To guarantee the quality of each one of our jewels is a priority for Sikno. Because of it, we realize two types of controls that certify the above mentioned excellence:

Internal controls: all our pieces are submitted to restrictive tests where they must overcome tests of perspiration, wear, physical test and analysis of thicknesses, as well as concentrations of precious metals across X-rays.

External controls: all the processes are audited for external partners by SGS, which guarantee not utilization of harmful and pollutant materials in the manufacture of jewelery, or ECOMEP, which certifies that all our jewels in silver and gold expire with the regulation of precious metals.

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