SIKNO JEWELLERY S.L., part of CL GRUPO INDUSTRIAL, is a company dedicated to:

“The design, development and manufacturing of costume jewellery and fine jewellery products. The distribution, marketing and after-sales of costume jewellery, fine jewellery, watches and accessories.”

The Management of SIKNO JEWELLERY S.L. upholds its firm commitment to Excellence and, therefore, runs its Quality Management System in line with the International Standard ISO 9001, and according to the purpose and context of the organization. Thus, SIKNO JEWELLERY SL, is committed to the continuous improvement of the performance and management of its System to carry out its most energy efficient activities, with an excellent level of quality and service, ensuring compliance with expectations, specifications and / or standards of customers and other interested parties in all products and services provided and respect for the environment.

Therefore, all the people and collaborators of SIKNO JEWELLERY S.L. commits to the following:

  • RESPECT. Comply with all applicable legal dispositions, as well as with the additional requirements assumed voluntarily and that are related to both the safety and the health of the workers, along with the quality of the services provided and the environmental and energy aspects derived from their activity. Integrate the social, labor, ethical, energy and environmental aspects that exceed the requirements of the legislation.
  • COMMUNICATION. Open, fluid and transparent that favors permanent dialogue, both internally, and with institutions, neighborhoods, clients and suppliers related to SIKNO JEWELLERY S.L.
  • TRAINING. Continuously learning, training, informing and raising awareness in matters of quality, management and energy efficiency, environment and protection, with the aim of obtaining more responsible, competent and committed people.
  • Incorporating the need for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of products and services, processes and working conditions. Achieving all this with a job well done the first time and ensuring that no activity is carried out without the proper security measures.


SIKNO guarantees effective environmental management that encourages the concept of sustainable development, in order to rationally use resources and identify, evaluate and reduce the production of waste, emissions and spills and environmental impacts, making SIKNO’s facilities and activities more respectful with the environment.

SIKNO constantly fortifies its system of control and supervision of social responsibility with which it works, so that it is a benchmark for integrity and business ethics. We protect the people who work for SIKNO, their safety and health are a priority above any other condition. We integrate in our value chain, and especially in relationships, suppliers, commitment requirements consistent with ours in ethical, social and environmental matters. SIKNO establishes stable and equitable relationships with the stakeholders with which it interacts.

SIKNO’s Management acts according to these premises, making sure that this policy is reviewed for its continuous adaptation, communicated and understood in the Organization, and serves as a frame of reference to establish and review the objectives of Quality, environmental management and social responsibility, as well as supporting the strategic direction of our organization.

Quality and environmental management and social responsibility commitments are only achieved with the collaboration of all employees, which is why their participation in both achieving the expected quality levels and improving them is extremely important. Each member of SIKNO must act accordingly in their role as manager of the resources controlled by them and guide it to its intended purpose.

As a member of the RJC, we are committed to operating our business in accordance with the RJC Code of Practice. We are committed to integrating ethical, human rights, social and environmental aspects into our day-to-day operations, business planning activities, and decision-making processes.