SIKNO becomes a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) which recognises our commitment to sustainability.

Sikno becomes a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), founded in 2005, sets the world’s standards for the jewellery and watch industry and promotes standards that support people’s trust in the global supply chain. Customers expect the jewellery and watches they wear to be made responsibly and with respect for human rights and the planet.

RJC certified members are recognised for their commitment to responsible business. This recognition once again demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, the environment, human rights and transparency in our production processes, through the successful application of the sustainable guidelines set by the RJC, a member of the ISEAL Alliance, an international organisation that codifies best practices and quality for the design and implementation of social and environmental standards systems.

“Our commitment to sustainable development is a consequence of our improvement policies over the years. Obtaining the RJC certification, one of the most prestigious organisations in our sector, encourages us to continue working on the path we have been following for years.
We work in an industry that combines beauty and emotions. Consumers expect the utmost confidence when they buy a piece of jewellery to celebrate an important moment in their lives. In these times when we need trust and resilience, it is imperative to have more companies like Sikno, who inspire, act and engage in a meaningful journey of continuous improvement. The RJC supports its members with an integrated approach to sustainability through good management practices.”
Juan Gil, Director of Sikno.

Its audit process takes into account different blocks of analysis, from the origin of the raw materials we work with, the energy and resources we use, as well as the reuse of waste we produce, to the rights and working conditions of our workers, the commitment to heritage and cultural assets.