At SIKNO we have always been clear that investment in R & D & I is one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy, which is the reason why we have incorporated the latest generation 3D prototyping equipment in order to improve our service.

The material used for this equipment is distinguished by its shape memory and great flexibility, making it easier to work with more complex pieces and opening up a wide range of opportunities for the customer. Thanks to the micro-setting capability and automation of customised jewellery, the number of processes required to finish a piece will be greatly reduced.

The incorporation of this technological advance allows us to work different processes with greater precision and agility, directly influencing the production capacity, which will considerably reduce the time and cost invested during these procedures.


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SIKNO marks the beginning of a new era in jewellery design and production. After almost 40 years dedicated to production, Sikno gathers all this experience

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