Our customer orientation is present in every area of production and is at your service. We understand the production of jewellery as a meticulous process due to the large number of details to be taken care of, the joint collaboration with the customer through a close and bidirectional communication being essential.

In the collaboration process there are two main points of contact at the beginning of the process:

  • The adaptation of our services to the customer’s needs through our sales team, which manages, organises and coordinates the entire initial process.


  • The start of the design and production of the jewellery in the product department, which will be in contact with the customer to verify the designs and costs of each jewel.

In addition to these two major points, the relationship is continuous throughout the process and the customer is informed of the status of production at all times, for example by sending renders of the designs and physical samples of the resin jewellery.

A team of professionals and technology at the service of our customers in favour of responsible jewellery with attention to detail.


Let´s work together!

They alredy know us and are commited to our close collaboration methodology.