It is in Extremadura, and more specifically in Jerez de los Caballeros, the heart of the Meadow lands, where our factory was founded in 1986.


In 2019, after great business growth that led to the integration of our factory within Grupo Industrial CL, the SIKNO brand was created, the result of the tradition and innovation in jewellery that identifies us.

SIKNO currently produces jewellery for the most renowned brands both nationally and internationally. “Reinventing the jewellery tradition” is much more than a slogan, as all the experience and knowledge acquired over the years is the result of hard work and the achievement of objectives that today establishes SIKNO as one of the  most cutting-edge and innovative companies in the sector.


CONTRAST magazine report

SIKNO marks the beginning of a new era in jewellery design and production. After almost 40 years dedicated to production, Sikno gathers all this experience

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