In 2019 SIKNO opened up to Europe and therefore to new international and national customers. A strategic shift towards a production service aimed exclusively at other companies in the jewellery sector requiring a manufacturer capable of taking on all or part of the production process.

Our commitment to technology, acquiring cutting-edge machinery in the sector, allows us to save time and material resources, which enables us to work with large volumes of orders in times and costs that are competitive. In turn, this determination towards R + D + i helps another of our company goals: the reduction of our ecological footprint. Thanks to savings in materials and energy efficiency we can manufacture with a lower impact on the environment.

All of this technology and know-how is now open to Europe and is adapted to each client according to their needs and the features of their collections. The revolution of the jewellery tradition is spreading from the heart of Extremadura, calling for new companies to join in.



Let´s work together!

They alredy know us and are commited to our close collaboration methodology.